Tips for Consultation Calls with New Therapists

Have you been thinking about starting therapy, but do not know what to ask a prospective therapist? Here are some quick tips for speaking with a new provider about wanting to begin therapy.

Whether a consultation call or a first session, being prepared with questions can help get to know your therapist and the services they offer. Being an informed client, helps promote feelings of safety and security within a therapeutic setting. It also helps therapists demonstrate their skills in advocating for their services, while also actively supporting the questions or concerns you choose to address with them.

Below are a list of questions to consider asking a therapist:

  • What does a typical session look like?
  • What therapy approach or style of therapy do you utilize?
  • Are you able to support me with [insert presenting concern here]?
  • How long have you been working with clients as a therapist? In what settings have you worked?
  • Do you accept insurance? If so do you accept [your insurance provider]. If not, how much to self-pay sessions cost?
  • If self-pay, do you offer sliding scale or superbill options?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • How do some of your clients describe your sessions or approach?
  • What made you want to pursue a career as a therapist?
  • How long are sessions and how often will we be meeting?

The more informed you are about the services you are about to begin, the more beneficial the experience or choice in services can be. Asking a few or all of these questions, can also help you find the provider that is the best fit for your individualized needs. It can also reduce anxiety and stress, by feeling prepared for what you are about to begin with a new therapist.

Therapist are passionate about supporting healthcare advocacy, and many therapists are eager to answer any questions you have. Therapists understand there is a lot of thought, trust, and work that goes into deciding to begin therapy. They are trained to support and answer these questions and concerns directly, to promote the safest and most resourceful space possible for growth and healing.

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