Psychedelics Assisted Psychotherapy is a unique perspective regarding path to healing. It describes a mindset, a philosophy, a collection of values and a worldview (Scott Shannon). The work focuses on individual inner healing intelligence, which we all possess. The medicine supports access to this innate healing ability for our highest purpose of healing. Psychedelics’ assisted psychotherapy value is deeply tied to the music as well as inner healing intelligence which are the core elements of psychedelics medicine culture. Music both carries us away and grounds us and fosters trance and cognitive engagement. Music can support the mystical experience at the core of psychedelic medicine.

Imagine the inner healer as a sailor in a sailboat. The sailboat is medicine, a tool for exploration. In this metaphor, mystical music plays the role of the wind offering propulsion (without a specific destination). The ocean and all of the unknown lands that lie beyond, represent the individual’s psyche including all of the conscious and unconscious elements.

Among psychedelics, ketamine is quick for short hauls, LSD is sturdy and crafted for longer journeys and deep exploration, while MDMA is better for cutting through the strong headwinds of trauma and relational conflict (Scott Shannon). Psychedelic experience is helpful with bringing awareness to our existence and that breaks the boundaries between us and the universe. We become concerned with destruction that is brought upon our world and embrace the sacredness of nature. Medicine increases the deep sense of love for ourselves and our community and the desire to be of service. Psychedelic medicines often facilitate an encounter with something greater than ourselves. So far, Keramine is available for psychotherapy practices and if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, alcoholism, chronic pain, migraine and/or PTSD, ketamine assisted psychotherapy might be helpful to alleviate some of those symptoms.

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