As we continue to live in a modern era, and technology takes over many of our functions, we continue to think, plan, problem solve and push ourselves beyond our limits. The concept of mind over body is the leading force of our motivation in life.

However, increasing concerns regarding mental health, communicate different needs above what we can achieve utilizing our minds. Depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma; maybe the answer is not only in restructuring our mind, refocusing, reorganizing and continuing and so forth. Maybe, we need to recognize our bodies along with our minds, maybe our bodies have minds of their own and we need to shift from “mind over body” concept to “mind and body” approach. Let’s take a moment to connect and trust our bodies and seek answers from our bodies as well. Simple act of being more attuned to our bodies’ needs and providing healthy nutrition, quality sleep, exercise, hydration
and gentle nurturing touch will facilitate a smoother road to healing.


Somatic experiencing is the cutting edge modalities that teaches us how to recognize our body and our nervous system’s communications method . Our nervous system has a mind of its own and communicates messages from inside and outside of our body in addition to receiving signals from our relational fields. By understanding how our nervous system communicates with us at any given moment, we are able to use our innate messaging system to organize our responses more effectively to our environment. Here comes the question of “how can one trust a traumatized nervous system?”

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